Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Join The Conversation

If you are now or have ever experienced grief and also wanted to yell into the Internet about it, we would love to have you join our conversation. The feedback we have had so far is that these conversations have helped our (very small number) of listeners feel less alone and we really value the chance to include more voices in that.

Questions you might have about this:

Q: But how? What would I need?
A: via Skype or google hangout. Ideally you'd need a decent mic and a way to record but we can work around that. At minimum a cell phone or laptop and headphones with a mic. Recording takes about an hour and we usually do it on Sundays but that's flexible.
Q: What would I talk about? 
A: That's up to you. We can talk about a theme, something specific you are going through, a person you've lost, a weird feeling you've had, a piece of art or culture related to grief/mourning. We can have a discussion on a shared topic or it can be more interview format where we shut up and listen to your perspectives or experiences.

Q: Is my idea enough for a whole episode? Will you definitely have me on as a guest?
A: Maybe, maybe not. We are still learning about this process and finding the voice for our show. We are also tweaking our format periodically as we get feedback from listeners. We might include other voices and perspectives in all sorts of ways besides having guests join us for a full recording, like reading your thoughts in an episode or recording short segments.

Q: Can I be anonymous?
A: Absolutely. How much you want to share about yourself is up to you. It is a big ask to have someone talk about something as personal as grief and we try to be respectful of that. If you do want to appear as yourself, you are also welcome to plug your own projects you are working on.

Q: But don't you also make jokes on your show?
A: We do. Part of how we have learned to cope with difficult situations is through humor, so at times we make make jokes to ease tense moments-but we will never treat you or what you share with judgement or derision. We try to take a light-hearted approach, but recognize that's not for everyone.

Q: This sounds like something I would be interested in, what's next?
A: Thank you! Send a private message to us on Facebook, or send our show an email at and we can discuss it more.